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prednisolone tablets helped me

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#1 Sun, 30/10/2022 - 07:55
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prednisolone tablets helped me

I joined OUCH just to convey this message.  I have previously had problems with my auto immune system and had numerous episodes of spontaneous uticaria( hives, swelling all over body) this stopped completely a few years ago. Had a cortisone injection last week for a hip injury and stopped taking tramadol I was on for pain relief. All of a sudden started getting horrendous headache in my left temple. Two days later it was there constantly, excruciating pain lasting at least 10 minutes then coming back 5 minutes later,. This has gone on for 3 days, I had a CT scan, blood tests etc all okay A&E kept giving me paracetamol and coedine which did nothing. Last night out of desperation I took 30 mg of prednisolone (6 small 5mg tablets. Could tell after 10 minutes it was doing something, and have slept for 6 hours with no more cluster headaches. Took 10 mg this morning and I'm going to take the prednisolone for the next couple of days, gradually lowering dosage. I hope this helps someone out there, don't know whether it's a long term fix but anything is better than suffering these constant headpains. There's very little out there about prednisolone because the medical profession are reluctant to hand it out due to various side effects, but that's only if you use it long term. It helped me tremendously with my uticaria, and might be worth asking for, a lot of GPs know very little about these cluster headaches and just tell you it's a migraine!  Hope this helps some of you out there especially if you have problems with your auto immune system.

Thu, 03/11/2022 - 11:55
Colin Allen Vic...
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Hi Dave,

Prednisolone is a helpful steroid that can give people a pain break. It is often used to bridge the gap when another preventative,such as Verapamil bp,is prescribed as a longer term medication. Verapamil can take some time to be effective,so Prednisolone is used to bridge the gap until such time as Verapamil kicks in.

Colin Allen

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