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posted: 15/08/2012 - last updated: 29/10/2022


Professor Peter J. Goadsby (Chairman and Patron)

Chairman and Patron of OUCH (UK).  World authority on cluster headache and is chair of the International  Headache Society (IHS) classification group.  Currently conducting research at Kings College Hospital into use of CGRP [calcitonin gene related peptides] for the prevention of cluster headache.

Colin Allen (Vice Chairman)

Colin is an Episodic Sufferer. His long service in the charity as Advice Line Manager and now as Vice Chairman, brings considerable knowledge to the board. Colin is 'retired' and lives in Liverpool. 

Dale Nolan (Treasurer)

Dale Nolan joined OUCH in 2021 after his son Oscar's diagnosis of CH at age 17. Dale is keen to help the organisation move forward in any way he can.  He became a trustee in 2022.

Dorothy Chapman

Dorothy has been an episodic sufferer for more years than a lady should admit to.  She has been a member of OUCH (UK) since the early days of the charity and became a trustee in 2014. Dorothy enjoys liaising with our fabulous fundraisers and promoting their very varied and exciting events.

Scott Bruce 

Scott is an episodic sufferer, based in Scotland. He has been a member since 2003 and joined the Advice Line team in 2007. In 2014 he accepted a trustee position and coordinates many of the regional meetings that the charity puts together. 

Elizabeth Kelly

Liz is the charity's Advice Line Manager.  Liz joined OUCH in 2006 and has worked as a volunteer on the advice line since 2007.  She has helped hundreds of people during that time and brings considerable experience to the role.

Sandra McDowell

Sandra is a supporter to her husband Andy who for several years was our Advice Line supervisor.  Sandra herself has been a volunteer on the Advice Line for a number of years and has helped hundreds of callers to the Advice Line.  She has also carried out and organised several fundraising events for OUCH.  

Valerie Hobbs

Val is a chronic sufferer who joined OUCH in 2002 and in 2003 became an Advice Line volunteer, taking over the running of the Advice Line when the original manager retired. In 2006 Val became a trustee, but stepped down in 2010 to take on the administration of the charity and Liz Kelly took on running the Advice Line. Val has now become a Trustee again, with oxygen for CH in the UK as her remit.

Anne Turner

Anne first joined OUCH (UK) as supporter of a Cluster Headache sufferer and went on to become a Trustee in 2019.  She now carries out some administrative work for OUCH and manages OUCH's online shop.


The Charlton Family

OUCH (UK) owes a great deal to the Charlton Family and to Les in particular.  Les, a former chairman of OUCH and a CH sufferer, who died in 2011, was a staunch supporter of OUCH and brought judgement, empathy and understanding to his role as Chairman.  He guided the charity through some difficult times and made OUCH the respected charity and expert patient group that it is today.  Joan, his wife, was our membership secretary and another staunch supporter of OUCH, attending OUCH events, helping with organisation and sending out our information packs and Chit Chat magazines.  Daughter Karen produced and edited our Chit Chat magazine when it was in hard copy.  Over the ten years from 2002 to 2012, Karen organised Team OUCH in the annual London 10k, and through her unstinting efforts raised over £50,000 for the charity. OUCH would not be where it is today without the Charlton family. Thank you, Karen and Joan.



All the present Officers are sufferers or supporters of sufferers, and provide full support and help to the trustees, sufferers and their families.

Audrey Leng (Advice Line & Membership)

John Poore (Editor of CHit CHat)

Liz Eden (Advice Line)



Professor Anne MacGregor MB, BS, MD, MFSRH, MICR, DIPM, Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at the Research Centre for Neuroscience within the Institute of Cell and Molecular Science, Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of London.

Dr Juana Marin, Research Fellow to Professor Peter Goadsby, Royal Free Hospital, London

Dr Alex Nesbit, BM Bch MA MRCP (UK), Surrey Sleep Research Centre, University of Surrey



All cluster headache sufferers in the UK must give thanks to Mr Simon Bower for founding the original UKCH website. This enabled UK cluster sufferers to first come together and share experiences with one another. Through this medium a small group of like minded people decided that they wanted to do more for UK sufferers and brought about the founding of OUCH (UK).

The founding trustees were Mo and John Graham, Chris Willis, Michael O'Brien, Susi Nerici and Brenda Woodcock, who was also Treasurer. Without these people OUCH (UK) would not be what it is today. We owe all these people an enormous debt of gratitude for their tireless efforts in achieving what we have now, a well respected support group dedicated to offering help and guidance to sufferers and their supporters.

OUCH (UK) is a member of Headache UK, an umbrella organisation of headache charities.  Headache UK raise awareness of all severe headache conditions and add their voices to ours in the All Party Parliamentary Group on Headache Disorders.

Simon Fern and his Board of Directors at QDK for hosting our first site and all the services and back-up provided to us free of charge.

Peter May for his invaluable help in rewriting and amending much of the content contained within this site.

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