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In the Workplace

Your right to equal and fair treatment

Information contained in this document was relevant at December 2006 and may change at any time. Please do not use it as a substitute for high quality legal advice as we cannot vouch for the complete accuracy of the following information and it is intended as a guide only. The information is also edited for relevance to CH sufferers so must not be taken as complete.


New UK & European employment laws seem to be arriving almost daily. Employment law is a growing minefield for business owners and managers, and mistakes can be costly.

Britain's increasingly litigious society produced a 40% increase in cases at Employment Tribunals between 1998 and 2002, and the proportion of unfair dismissal claims is increasing steeply, 47% of the total last year. Average awards ranged from £6,000 for unfair dismissal to £23,000 for disability discrimination cases. Unfair dismissal maximum awards have been increased to £53,500 from February 2003, and there is no ceiling on awards for unlawful discrimination.

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