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Treatment & cessation of cluster headaches

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Treatment & cessation of cluster headaches

Hi...I'm a returning member after a few years away and I'd like to share my recent experience of CHs. 

I had them for over 40 years every 2-3 years with 2-3 headaches/day for 4-6 weeks. 

My doctor usually prescribed Propranolol for that period and 100mg Imigran for the actual attacks.

Imigran sometimes shortened the attacks but not always. I just had to ride out the night time attacks. 

Here's the interesting thing; eight years ago I started taking medication for hypertension, Ramipril & Amlodipin, and since then, (I write this with a certain amount of trepidation), I have not had an attack.

Maybe it's coincidence but maybe not. It could be that this medication does something to prevent cluster headaches from occurring.

Maybe mention this to your GPs to see what they say. I told mine and he made a note of it on my records. Whether it will go further I don't know but I think it's certainly worth mentioning to see if other people have had experience of this.

I'm hoping and praying that the attacks stay away and that it is at least one positive side effect of my hypertension medication.

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