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Pregablin - Side Effects

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Pregablin - Side Effects

Hi all

Just wanted to share with the wider community my first time use of Pregablin.   I have seen some bad media about this drug, and like most CH sufferers I try and keep up to date on possible medications, as in my experience the GP community can be a touch hit and miss.

I am a long term CH sufferer in my 50s and have previously tried most medications.  I was moved onto Gaberpentin by a Neuro-Consultant which worked well but made me giggly stoned!  I could shift through the gears up and down the dosing levels carefully but not in too long a period.

I had moved to new consultant who advised I swapped to Pregablin.  300mg per day in bout which was then doubled to 600mg per day by my GP as the bout turned into a nasty one.

My summary of using it:

  • This is the most addictive drug I have ever taken.  I had never experienced any withdrawl symptoms before this.
  • Slow ramp down to reduce dosage.
  • It destroyed my ability to get to sleep - almost like my body had forgotten how to.
  • When I did manage sleep - vivid night terrors even if asleep for a short period of time.
  • Heart rate and BP all over the place.
  • Appetite through the roof 
  • Headaches (ironic I know for a CH sufferer!) 
  • Dizziness that caused me to fall over a couple of times.
  • Limited real impact on reducing the pain of the attacks, but a general feeling of warmth and not giving a sh1t.

In short I am going back to Gaberpentin as and when for my next bout. 

Not sure if this will help anyone as I appreciate we are all individuals when it comes to medication.  But having checked with my pharmacist, the addiction point is worth noting for anyone.


CH sufferer for 30 years

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