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PIP assessment

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PIP assessment

Hi I’ve read a lot of posts about PIP 

my hubby is the CH sufferer was ech for years and thought that was bad but had now moved to chronic since this time last year

Took a while to be referred to a Headache specialist but has been seen 3times since January , he has had a heart attack previously so can’t take the injections and has had to proceed with caution with the verapamil 

he has had a course of steroids and a GNOB in February with a little effect but after having another last week it seems to have increased his attacks and pain levels ( we didn’t think it would be possible) 

hes now booked for a multi cranial nerve block in a few weeks 

I used the Brian trust advice sheet to fill in his pip application form and feel it helped a lot 

he has been given a home assessment date for 2weeks time because when he rang re his appointment he asked could they supply him with 02 they said no and granted his home visit

what I’m needing help with is advice for the actual assessment 

will I be allowed to contribute because during an attacks he has no idea what really happens I have to help with 02 etc and even his speech isn’t clear 

our specialist says it’s helpful for my contribution to describe the details of an attack

will the pip assessor allow this? And is there any advice you all could give us on the actual experience?

thanks in advance sorry for the lengthy post

lesley on behalf of John 

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