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Occipital Nerve stimulation help!

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#1 Thu, 12/03/2015 - 19:40
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Occipital Nerve stimulation help!


I had the device fitted at the start of December 2014 but it was unsuccessful because wires and battery moved, (currently have a wire protruding on the back of my neck). 

I'm due to have surgery to fix it all so you never know second time lucky... 


But out for the past week I have been really uncomfortable in the area that the bartery is, it feels hot inside but that skin isn't extremely different to touch. 

My my right shoulder and arm both ache and feel "heavy" if that makes sense. 

Im not in pain... Well to be honest nothing is pain compared to an attack! Just unpleasant feeling and was wondering if it could be an infection? Or if others have had the same / similar issues? 


Thank you 



Fri, 13/03/2015 - 20:06
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Chloe, call the ONS nurse and tell her; or the surgeon/surgeon's secretary.  I've not heard of this from other ONS recipients. 

Val. x

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