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Legal backing


I have currently been off work for 5 weeks with cluster headaches I have had my official diagnosis from the neurologist rather quickly in comparison to some. Unfortunately my work aren't exactly very understanding at the best of times and this year hasn't been my best year health wise at all. I've had a bad bout of flu then a very bad chest infection which I tried to work through despite drs wanting me to take the time off. After 3 weeks of trying to work through it I ended up having to take a week and a half off as it caused my asthma to kick off after 10 years. Each time I've been signed off by the Dr it has not been by choice.

With regards to cluster headaches how to work have to treat it?I am currently pretty much housebound only going to the drs or pharmacy. I am dreading returning back to work and trying to explaining it to our hr person/headteacher as it just gets so silly and his lack of understanding is ridiculous. I can guarantee he will automatically offer occupational health and I will take it as I always take it as I feel it shows I have nothing to hide.


Mon, 02/07/2018 - 07:30
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Hi Sarah

If you email Jason Clark on rights@ouchuk.org he will advise you on that. Jason is our
Ouch Officer for HR and Employment Law

All the best


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