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Lack of support at Southern General

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#1 Tue, 02/09/2014 - 23:36
Brian C
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Lack of support at Southern General

Hi Everyone, I discharged myself from the S/Gen today, and I have forwared an e-mail to DrT and my local MP, unfortunatly they dont, have a clue on Lidocaine infusions, my fusion after coming in at 9am was given to me at 4pm, because I hadnt been checked in properly so my sleeping tablets were 3 melatonin, I got a whole 4hrs sleep, when I asked the Dr the following day about my meds she turned round and told me I could take them, when I pointed out this could give a false positive she just looked at me as if I had two heads.
Today without any meds for just over 24hrs and repeated request to have my infusion I was basically ignored been told there was greater need for others to be seen 1st, after waiting 14hrs I discharged myself, got no back up from Catherine because while she was of they put a sister in her place. Tonight I contacted Dr T expressing my concern, also my local MP. So if anyone else has anymore stories contact aloktyagi@nhs.net

Thu, 04/09/2014 - 09:22
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Hi Brian

I haven't really had anything so extreme as yourself but as a fairly newbie to the CCH world I stuggle in having officials ('the establishment') in taking the condition seriously.  Council officials and A&E have both passed it off as 'just migraines' and 'nothing to get upset about'. 

I honestly feel that England is being run by a group of newly appointed 'managers' who like the power of having control.  They hate people of 'difference' which upset their dictitorial systems.

I really feel for you and only hope you get the treatment you need from people who can at least, show some compassion and understanding. 

All the best wishes that you gain some relief from this terrible pain soon.

Take care x

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