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I wasn't depressed....

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#1 Fri, 24/10/2014 - 13:29
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I wasn't depressed....

I have been treated at local hospital very well and been sent to Pain Clinic. Saw the Pain Dr and cant remember most of the consultation except he told me i have a nice aura... he would refer me to a physio and a psychologist. I turned up today for first appt to find there was NO referral letter (do you know why you are here?) sweet smile.  Several badly photocopied handouts on how to distract yourself when in pain later and breathing exercises. (not even explained) nd 2 SUNA attacks later and the nurse left the room.

I was crying in pain and frustration having waited several weeks for this appointment and struggled out of bed on a bad day to get there. 

Feeling miserable and want to chuck all of this paperwork out the window.....


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