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Just wondered if any of you have tried Cefaly headband, a friend text me about it there seem to be positive feedback for ordinary migraine.

Sun, 05/10/2014 - 12:53
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CH is completely different to migraine, so we don't yet know if this device will have any effect on CH.  The trials so far have  only been on migraineurs.   In CH stimulation of the occipital nerves at the back of the head has helped reduce the incidence and severity of CH, but this is a procedure known as ONSI [occipital nerve stimulation implant] where a battery pack is implanted in the abdomen and wires are tunnelled up thru the body to the two occipital nerves at the back of the head just below the crown of the head.  The nerves are external to the skull, just under the skin.  An array of leads i place on each nerve and the patient's level of consciousness is raised sufficient for them to answer questions on what they can feel and no two patients have exactly the same response and therefore the contacts are all in slightly different places on the nerves.  the point of my laboured explanation is that even if you can reverse the Cefaly device, which I believe is possible how will the patient be able to set it up to their particular needs in the right areas of the occipital nerves?   this is my view, not that of OUCH!


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