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Vista mesh glasses

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#1 Thu, 24/07/2014 - 22:54
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Vista mesh glasses

I recent paid about £400.00 for new lenses for glasses and was told about vista mesh lenses.

they cut out uv in flourescent lighting - this settled me off.

After a month of the new glasses I am down to one attack at work and only one a home of a night.

worth spending the money - would recommend to others.


Adrian Abbott

Cluster Sufferer

Wed, 30/07/2014 - 19:27
SimonD 2
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thanks i was thinking of trying this

ps doctors can supply the portable bottles just download a form fill it in for them and ask them to sign it if they say you wont get portable bottles just tell them lets try anyway Smile

your not suppose to fax this your self but they never check Smile

Wed, 30/07/2014 - 20:07
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found a web that explains vist mesh gasses http://www.eyekit.co/information/lenses/anti-glare-prescription-lenses-e....


not keen to order online with glasses, as the optician has to adjust glasses with the eye focus. Cannot see how they can do that with mail order, wondering when  new glasses are needed if the optician could order them. Seem very expensive too.

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