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Treatment for Shadows?

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#1 Fri, 03/12/2021 - 10:07
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Treatment for Shadows?

Hi All,

I'm actually in quite a lucky position, my last episode is nearly 5 years ago, and for that I'm very grateful. However, I have shadows since nearly 1.5 years now (= a lot of the sensations which I would feel just before headaches start, like the typical pressure in that region of the face, getting a little restless/agitated, etc, but no pain at all). The shadows are sometimes so intense that, if I would be in an episode / CH bout, I would take medication because the onset of the pain would be so imminent.

While I have no pain, the shadows still wear me down. I think with every more intense shadow-'attack' my body goes automatically into a panic mode or fight-or-flight response, because it still expects the onset of the excruciating pain any minute now. I'm generally not too well since a while now (physically and mentally), and the shadows make my overall situation just more difficult.

Thus, I was wondering whether people have experience with things which might help to get rid of the shadows?

Best wishes,


Edit: For the proper treatment of the pain (when I'm in an episode), I couldn't take the standard preventative medications. Instead, I used acute treatments (nasal spray and injections), sometimes combined with Naratriptan tablets (4 spread over the day). GammaCore sometimes helped and sometimes not.

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