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#1 Wed, 24/10/2018 - 23:33
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Traveling Abroad

Has anybody found that traveling through time zones can trigger an attack. I am on 1st day of holiday in Mexico. 6 hours time shift. 

I have been free from CH since March 2015, so not really expecting to trigger a bout.  Previously the CH cycle is unpredictable, but at least a 3 year gap. Woke at 3 am and within and hour it felt like a power drill was boring into my eye socket .  It cleared after three hours, and will be interested to see if it comes back tomorrow. 

Bad news is that it is an all inclusive resort with unlimited alcoholic drinks. So will abstain for a few days as half a lager is usually enough to trigger it  

So if I do find that I have started a bout, any suggestions how to get meds.  In the past used Imigran spray also last bout was “sorted” by massive Prednisone tapering over a week. So assuming I can find a doctor,  then what should I request ?





Jon O

Tue, 30/10/2018 - 09:51
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Hello Jon

I'd suggest you ask a doctor for a prescription of prednisolone, which might get you thru your holiday.  The regime suggested by the Institute of Neurology is 60mgs a day for 5 days, reducing by 10 mgs on day 6, then reduce by further 10mg doses every three days there after until it has been tapered off - takes about three weeks.  If its worked for you in the past it might do so now.  Not sure what is available in Mexico, but there is a chance that Imitrex [the american name for Imigran] is available there in the injectible form, you could ask for that.  There is also a company called Oxygen World Wide who can arrange it wherever you are, here is their web address.  https://www.oxygenworldwide.com/     Keep well hydrated, try to keep an even temperature, both bodily and environmental, avoid alcohol altogether.  Short term measures you could try Red Bull or similar at the very start of an attack, ditto a double espresso coffee.  But don't delay, you know it won't go away, and delay means the attacks gets too strong a hold and is a 'diable' to get rid of!  This link won't be of use to you this holiday, but may help you when planning your next holiday even in the UK : https://ouchuk.org/sites/default/files/downloads/holiday_hints_0.pdf  .

Hope the beast backs off and you can enjoy the rest of your holiday. 


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