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Told to stop sumatriptan injections

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#1 Sat, 03/07/2021 - 18:28
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Told to stop sumatriptan injections

Hi Everyone,

New to the site so thanks in advance if anyone has any advice.  Been sufferring since 19th January and tried Verapermil (have type 1 heart block and now found a leaky mitral valve) which caused problems so been on Lithium with graduall increase to 1200mg per day.  I use sumatriptan injections but still no let up.  Had occipital nerve blocks which has given me relief from the nigthttime attacks which is great.  So far I have seen a Headache Neurologist (who advised the GP I could use up to 4 injections a day) via Bupa (hubby's work covers it) but after having to pay for the nerve blocks so got switched to the NHS.

Just had a consultation with a neuroradioligist who listend briefly said I had no relief from the nerve blocks despite me telling him I had 12 nights of no attacks - to then tell me I now have sumatriptan overuse headaches and I need to stop it now and he will refer me to the Walton Centre specialists but it could take a few months.

Why would a headache specialist say I can use sumatriptan upto 4 times a day and a colleague at the same hosptial tell me to stop them? Im realy confused but also the thought of not being able to stop an attack terrifies me.  I have O2 but it just puts the attacks off.

Any advice would be so welcome

Thanks everyone smiley

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