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Told to stop sumatriptan injections

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#1 Sat, 03/07/2021 - 18:28
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Told to stop sumatriptan injections

Hi Everyone,

New to the site so thanks in advance if anyone has any advice.  Been sufferring since 19th January and tried Verapermil (have type 1 heart block and now found a leaky mitral valve) which caused problems so been on Lithium with graduall increase to 1200mg per day.  I use sumatriptan injections but still no let up.  Had occipital nerve blocks which has given me relief from the nigthttime attacks which is great.  So far I have seen a Headache Neurologist (who advised the GP I could use up to 4 injections a day) via Bupa (hubby's work covers it) but after having to pay for the nerve blocks so got switched to the NHS.

Just had a consultation with a neuroradioligist who listend briefly said I had no relief from the nerve blocks despite me telling him I had 12 nights of no attacks - to then tell me I now have sumatriptan overuse headaches and I need to stop it now and he will refer me to the Walton Centre specialists but it could take a few months.

Why would a headache specialist say I can use sumatriptan upto 4 times a day and a colleague at the same hosptial tell me to stop them? Im realy confused but also the thought of not being able to stop an attack terrifies me.  I have O2 but it just puts the attacks off.

Any advice would be so welcome

Thanks everyone smiley

Thu, 04/11/2021 - 15:59
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Hi, sorry to hear your not getting much relief. Sumatriptan injections used only be 6mg twice within 24hrs.

I'm under the walton Centre and if nerve block isn't working, they will try botox.

When I was first trying nerve block this didn't work for me too. Botox worked for a while but then switched back to nerve block every 3months.

Terry Eustace

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