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Supporters Survival Tips Part 3

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Supporters Survival Tips Part 3

How do you support your kids?

One of the worst pains I’ve felt is watching my daughter get so scared seeing the pain my husband has gone through. Younger children see things very ‘black and white’. In their eyes, someone that goes through THAT much pain, must surely be going to die. And lots of cluster sufferers get angry during an attack. Children don’t understand that the anger isn’t directed at them, or at YOU. They also don’t understand the mood swings that result from the sleep deprivation, and the fear that clusters bring the sufferer. It’s very important to explain this to kids. Daddy’s not going to die. Mummy’s going to be ok. No, Auntie Susie’s not mad at you, she’s mad at the pain. No, it’s no one’s fault. Reassure your kids, gang. Be there for them too. 



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