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OUCH(UK) Organisation for the Understanding of Cluster Headache


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The Trustees of OUCH (UK) are delighted to announce our summer conference will take place at the Robin Brook Centre at the world famous St Bartholomew's Hospital Campus, London on Sunday 16th July , by kind permission of Bart's Health NHS Trust.




  • Professor Peter Goadsby, Professor of Neurology, King's College Hospital, London, patron and chair of OUCH (UK).

  • Dr Anish Bahra, Consultant neurologist, St Bartholomew's Hospital, London.


  • OUCH (UK) Trustees and Officers.


Update on more speakers soon.


The programme will be made up of presentations on cluster headache and other primary headache disorders, current treatments and research and what the future may hold for sufferers. During the afternoon there will be targeted workshops discussions on a variety of topics that affect sufferers and their daily lives. You will also have opportunities to talk meet and talk to other sufferers, and Trustees and Officers of OUCH (UK). There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions about treatments, employment support, benefits etc.


A light sandwich lunch is included in the ticket cost.


Book your tickets from the link on the homepage. Don't forget to note any dietary requirements when you book and book now to be sure you don't miss an opportunity to hear the best of the best on cluster headache.

Please ensure that you are logged into the website to receive members' benefit.


Look forward to seeing you in July

Trustees of OUCH (UK)

Mon, 03/04/2017 - 17:32
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I'll be there rocking my wig and hat Smile


Tue, 16/05/2017 - 09:54
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Presentation on CGRP research, London meeting 16th July.

Hi all

Dr Jack Holland who is conducting a trial at Kings into the use of CGRP's  in cluster headache is urgently seeking volunteers for this study:  details and criteria are below.  Dr Holland will be giving a short presentation on his research at the London meeting and will be available to sign up volunteers through out the day.


If you've ever said you wanted to do something to help sufferers and you are a sufferer yourself, well here is your opportunity!

Trials of new treatments for Episodic and Chronic Cluster Headache sufferers

Professor Goadsby at King's College Hospital, London is seeking volunteers for a series of important studies testing several new CGRP [calcitonin gene related peptides] treatments for episodic and chronic cluster headache sufferers. The criteria for participants for the CGRP TRIALs have been amended:

  • The participant needs to be an episodic or chronic sufferer of cluster headache

  • Aged 18-65

  • Willing and able to attend trial appointments in London approximately once a month

  • If you are not currently in cycle, but would be willing to take part, please apply giving an approximate date for your next cycle commencement.

Please contact if you wish to receive more information and potentially apply, giving your contact details, telephone number and date of birth.

Thank you.

Trustees of OUCH (UK)

Tue, 23/05/2017 - 15:33
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If you haven't already got your tickets please consider coming along to the OUCH (UK) London conference, it is a really good opportunity to hear about trials and new treatments from some of the top Neurologists in the UK. It will be a very informative day and you will have a chance to ask the experts questions. You will be able to meet other sufferers, an invaluable experience if you have never met another cluster headache sufferer before.

Remember you will need to be logged on to the website to receive members' benefits.

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