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Sumatriptan shortage??

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#1 Wed, 17/08/2016 - 12:41
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Sumatriptan shortage??

Hi, I know this has been raised as an issue many times, but I have personally never encountered it until now.  I am being told by my surgery (who are always very, very helpful), that there is absolutely no subcutaneous sumatriptan (Sun Pharma or Imigran) available due to a worldwide shortage? They have contacted all of our local chemists, who have confimed this and have contacted the various warehouses etc that supply them and have been told the same.

Do we know anything about this???

Tue, 06/09/2016 - 10:36
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We had an e-mail from Sun stating that the injections were available in the UK.  We did know there was apparently a shortage of the GSK injections, but most of our members have been able to get the SUN ones instead.  May I suggest that you try calling other local pharmacies to see what they say?  I don't mean to doubt your surgery pharmacy, but they may be being fobbed off by their suppliers? 

Mon, 02/01/2017 - 08:45
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I haven't posted here for a while as it's been 3 years since my last cluster cycle. At the time, I was finally diagnosed by a neurologist and prescribed sumatriptan injections, which worked fairly well. This current cluster cycle, unlike previous ones, has been completely unpredictable; I had nightly attacks, sometimes two a night, and one attack during the day, for 5 days, and then a period of 6 days without any, so I assumed the cycle was over. As the attacks were not as severe as in the past I managed to get through them without medication, and by the time my GP clinic had reopened after Christmas I had been cluster-free for 3 days so didn't make an appointment. Then last night I had the most horrendous attack, lasting almost 2 hours, with excruciating pain. This morning I went to the local walk-in-clinic, armed with the letter from the neurologist, and managed to persuade the doctor on duty to prescribe me sumatriptan. She would only give me a prescription for one injection, but I figured that would at least get me through another night if necessary, until I can get to my GP. However, I have called 7 pharmacists in London (the ones open on New Year's Day), and none have any sumatriptan in stock. Has anyone else encountered this problem? I saw a post on this forum from a few months back about a shortage of sumatriptan, but I don't know what the current state is. Right now I'm just praying that a) I don't get another bad attack tonight, and b) that there will be somewhere open tomorrow that has the stuff in stock.

Happy New Year to everyone, and thanks for being there.

Mon, 02/01/2017 - 10:36 (Reply to #3)
Lisa Butler
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No supply issues in Harrow currently. I keep a reserve just in case now. Your GP is obliged to provide 2 subcutaneous inj per day & as per NICE guidelines. Print them and sendto your GP or get your neuro to write & give guidance. Happy NY & PF wishes for 2017. 

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