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specialist in Hull


had wonderful experience at hull infirmary neurology, Dr Fayyad Ahmed's dept, on saturday Afternoon.

After 30 yrs of being treated as an idiot and getting nowhere I had a good SENSIBLE conversation where my several forms of migraine mixed with Chronic Cluster was diagnosed.

Medication changes (some I should NEVER have been on) were made and will be trying Oxygen and Verapamil to start.

Very unlike my experience at Preston (RPI) where Tahir Majeed had me fill in a form and fully diagnosed me from it..... where it asked if you ever woke up with a headache, I answered yes and was immediately told I didn't have any form of migraine.. I simply reacted to codeine withdrawl...... he had NO TIME for CCH or ACH... I'm STILL waiting for the next appointment in "a few weeks"--- it's several years.

Overall my 240mile round trip was well worth it..... I will get MRI / CAT / ECG etc locally and then go back to Hull....

I've been at a dozen "pain" clinics and several "consultants" in the last 30yrs since being poisoned.... none have been really interested, except one locum 30yrs ago, until now.


I doubt I would have even tried a new consultation if it wasn't for this site and last years CH conference at Hull Infirmary (it was on the news and why I chose to try Hull)


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