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Hi my name is Aristos I’m a scaffolder from Birmingham and I’m very new to this condition it’s been 3 months since it started, at first I was in and out of hospital 4 times in 48 hours before I was prescribed steroids and verapamil. I never had an attack while on the medication  but since I’m stopped the steroids I’ve noticed a constant looming headache I hear there called shadows. It’s like an attack is just waiting happen. I have got oxygen at home but I’ve found if I go to work or out for a few hours I have a constant fear of getting an attack. This seems to make the situation worse, I will literally stop what I’m doing and go home, I feel better knowing the oxygen is in arms reach but the shadows do not go away I’m wondering if anyone knows of any methods or treatment that get rid of these shadows. 


Sat, 06/06/2020 - 15:05
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Hi Aristos

When I last met my neurologist she said that if I experienced shaddows, they could be prevented with a nerve block. Luckily it's not something I've needed so I can't says if it works or not - but it might be something to ask your doctor about. 

Daniel - Episodic CH

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