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/Recycling Imigran cartridges

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#1 Sun, 23/07/2023 - 10:35
Lizzy B
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/Recycling Imigran cartridges

Hi This is my first post, even though I`ve been a member for a while now.  Went to the recent conference at the LSE and thoroughly enjoyed it.  More please.

My query is how do we recycle Imigran cartridges? My local pharmacy would not take the casing, but offered me a facility for the `sharps`. It seems an awful waste not to recycle the cartridges.  I did consider writing to Glaxo Wellcome but thought I would ask on this forum first as there are bound to be users of the same product here.

The product is called IMIGRAN subject - injection for cluster headache.  Sumatriptan succinate and contains 2 pre-filled cartridge syringes and l subject pen injector.

Many thanks, Lizzy B

Sun, 23/07/2023 - 14:01
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Hi Lizzy, the pharmacy (or GP) should take the entire blue cartridge without you having to remove the needles.  The grey case is another matter, I'm not aware of the recycling possibilities, maybe emailing the manufacturer as you have suggested might be the way to go.  It should be possible to order refills in order to re-use the case, though I know it can be very difficult to get the GP and pharmacy co-ordinated in prescribing and dispensing this accurately.

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