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Recently diagnosed with CCH and MUST NOT GET PREGNANT

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#1 Sat, 05/03/2016 - 17:27
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Recently diagnosed with CCH and MUST NOT GET PREGNANT

Hello All,

I have been suffering with CH for around two years now, but have only recently been diagnosed following I guess a standard elimination process. I am rapidly working my way through the various medications all of which have had little effect or have given me dreadful side effects (oxygen and Imogram included) and am currently trialling Zonisamide. I have been advised in no uncertain terms not to conceive whilst on this medication. Whilst I am aware that I am very blessed to have two young, healthy, happy children, at 34 years of age I wouldn't be at all disappointed if more came my way. It just feels as though this condition takes so much away from you already and now the medication has the capacity to do the same. I was just wondering whether anyone has any knowledge of other treatments out there which wouldn't have a detrimental effect should I become pregnont?

Many thanks in advance,


Fri, 11/03/2016 - 16:32
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Hi Kate,

I have CCH, so I understand part of your pain. Smile

None of the preventative medicines have made any difference to my CH in any way. Unfortunately that seems to be the norm for a lot of CCH. So I would do your research, if this is the case for 90% of us. Do you need to be taking them?? That way you can still have the choice of more children.







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