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Questions for those with Chronic migraine and cch

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#1 Thu, 14/04/2016 - 21:16
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Questions for those with Chronic migraine and cch

Hi there,

I have been in an especially terrible way since Christmas, and been living like a mole in the dark, since I had verapamil and nerve blocks which worsened all of the conditions I have in addition to CCH and Chronic migraine (mine is a complex), just wondered if those of you with CCH and CM could help me by answering some/any of these questions:-

1) Does anyone else have constant movement related occipital head pain that triggers more head pain or attacks?

2) Has any one had the verapamil worsen their chronic migraine?

3) Does anyone have constant bilateral eye pain and bilateral eye/head pain attacks as part of their chronic migraine?

4) Does anyone have constant allodynia (pain on any touch) of face, head and scalp?

5) Anyone have bilateral occipital head pain that comes on with exertion or with laughing?

I have also asked these questions on Fb, in case anyone is having deja vous, thanks,


Hope all are as pain free as possible, Gerardine


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