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Possible CCH remission with KETO/KETOGENIC/LCHF diet!

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Possible CCH remission with KETO/KETOGENIC/LCHF diet!

Hi everyone!

I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible. To cut a long story short, after 24+ years of chronic clusters I appear to have put them into some sort of remission. I STRONGLY SUSPECT, though of course I could be wrong, that the reason for this is my switch to the ketogenic/keto/LCHF diet. It’s a bit of a complicated story, because since starting the diet many months ago (well it’s a lifestyle not a diet) I have spent a lot of the time experimenting with intermittent fasting (skipping breakfast). With the benefit of hindsight, it became apparent to me that this was causing major problems, which is annoying because fasting is a very healthy thing to do! Anyhow, I have posted the details of my story/reasoning on a thread about the keto diet on clusterheadaches.com, on the ‘Medications, Treatments, Therapies’ message board. I’m on there as ‘Rightsider’ too, so you can see which posts are from me.


So, if anyone is interested in the details then feel free to pop over for a read. I’m happy to answer any questions either over there, or here. The impact that the ‘lifestyle’ (not diet) has made on my health in general, but especially on my headaches has been beyond any expectations, so I’ve now decided to speak up. I’m not alone by the way. There has been a number of clinical studies that have shown the diet to be massively beneficial to migraine and cluster headache patients, and there is a large clinical trial underway at the moment for migraines (there may be others!). The results of two studies done on people with clusters showed amazing results. Links to these studies are given on the thread where I have posted.

Apologies for being a bit vague with this post. But, as I’ve documented everything over there I though a simple ‘heads up’ may suffice.

Take care all!

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