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PIP tribunal help

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PIP tribunal help


   After getting the standard 0 points for the application and also 0 points for the mandatory, I am now in the apeals process. My main issue is due to a new heart condition, I have been taken off of the verapamil as you can imagine this has not done well for my attacks this is giving me less time between attacks and recovery to try to get my brain working on what I need to do next.

I have all the paperwork through from DWP about the apeal and all the information they are submitting in their evidence, but I don't understand what it is I need to send to them more than they already have (including a diary before they removed the verapamil) I did put a call into the brain charity, but the very helpful woman said they have a huge backlog at the moemtn, and I will only get one shot at this apeal so don't want to mess it up.


Thank you


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