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PIP Home Visit Advice Request

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#1 Sat, 10/10/2015 - 18:53
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PIP Home Visit Advice Request


I have just received my appointment date for my PIP Home Visit and I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on what to expect. I suffer from Cluster Headaches and Chronic Migraine but have never claimed any benefits before so have no idea what to expect. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I have printed out copies of my Migraine Diaries to show them but other than that I can only show them my oxygen and medication I use! Can anyone suggest anything else? 

Many Thanks





Sun, 11/10/2015 - 08:18
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Well done for getting a home visit! That is no mean feat. How did you manage that btw? Interested because a few people have had to fight to achieve it, so it is always good to know how someone else did it. Or even to hear if the system can occasionally actually work the way it ought to!
Where to start with PIP HP interviews..........people have a complete range of experiences, from seeing an HP who knows about Cluster Attacks and totally gets the level of disruption they cause to daily life...to HPs who make it clear they don't believe a word of it and care even less. Either way it always seems clear that they are not aware of the ACTUAL rules about how people meet the criteria, and are in fact just carrying out a very dubiously designed exercise.
I think the best approach is to make sure that YOU understand why you qualify for PIP under the rules and regs; you then explain about CCH with that in mind. Have a witness, and immediately after the interview together make notes of everything about it, especially anything that didn't feel right. 
This is a link to the DWP CMA CH info for HPs which you might like to have by you in case you get a disbeliever:
Here is a link to the DWPs own rules that HP's should be following:
Here is a link to the PIP Regulations. The key part for all CCHers to be aware of is Part 2 regulation 4 about assessment. This is known as the reliability criteria, and it is why CCH meets the criteria.

Sun, 11/10/2015 - 13:50
darren h
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hi gill, welcome to the fourm, congrats on getting a home visit, as harriet sez relyability is a big part and if your condition affects you more or less than 50% of the time, also in your diary when you note an attack have you put down how long and recovery time? you may need to discribe the attack and recovery to give a compleat picture, dont worry about claiming benifits theres a good few of us that have never claimed befor ch, and have payed into the system for years now we need the system to support us and we are entitled, non of us asked for ch so we not scroungers we are medicly retired is the best way i can put it, so chin up an smile youve joined a good site lots of top advice on meds, treatments, benifits, and moral support, a smile will go a long way, all the best dh

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