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PIP, but good news for a change

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#1 Thu, 18/04/2024 - 18:10
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PIP, but good news for a change

OK, I know this forum is not really used anymore, but thought I would update whoever does read it.

So if you read my last 2 posts, got 0 points, and mandatory got 0 points again, so off we go to tibunial. Still not got a date for this yet, but today received a call from DWP about my complaint (I dont remember making a complaints, but I do struggle to remember things sinse CH got me, so its posible) anyway, they have looked at the claim again, and would seem some of the medical evidence supplied was not looked at (hmm, synical me thinking thats a load of codswallop) anyway the claim has been sent back to the assessors and this time they have come up with a different responce. They have not said how many points, but I have been granted both daily living and mobility (I also have some issues with my feet that I wont boar you with) both at enhanced rate, and backdated to the claim date last June.

With a review of 18 months time (yes I really would pray this condition would be better by then!)


So I have no idea what this complaint was, if there was a complaint, or if maybe whoever is putting the stuff together for the tribunial thought they did not have a leg to stand on, and just sent it back rather than going to tribunial.


So for a change a good news story.

Sat, 20/04/2024 - 18:27
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Sorry it seems empty here most of the time Karl. A lot of us Episodal sufferers do ignore the forums when we're out of bout; but I'll read the posts usually monthly, as I guess many do, without logging in: So, you're not alone.

I forget a lot that happens during a bout: Pretty sure it's a REM sleep deprevation thing.

Congratulations on the PIP award.


Sat, 20/04/2024 - 20:06
Dorothy Trustee
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That's great news, Karl, so pleased for you. A lot of people use Facebook to chat but it's good to see some of our subscribed members still posting  here. Congrats on your success!

Dorothy (Trustee)

Tue, 23/04/2024 - 18:14
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Joined: 26/02/2014 - 17:02

Facebook? Pity.

I prefer the anonymity of the forum; a 'dirty laundry' kind of thing.

Tell them the Forum Few said 'Hi'. Smile

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