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PIP Another saga

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#1 Sun, 17/09/2023 - 12:34
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PIP Another saga

Hi everyone.

   I have just had my PIP video assesment, and as expected zero point on everything!

I know I have to put in for a saturary reconsideration, but the issue is I have got the copy of the report that the (what I though was sypathetic) nurse had done, and while reading it, it had almost no bearing to what we discussed to the point I had to check it all through in case they sent me the wrong one.

Even down to driving, she asked if I still drived, I said no I stopped driving about a year ago. She asked if I had notified DVLA, I said yes and DVLA said it was not a notifiable condition. So in the report she put "DVLA have signed fit to drive" it was pretty much all fiction.

Sound I just apply for the resonsideration as is or should I report that I disagree with the report prepared by this so-called nurse?


Thank you

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