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I would like to introduce myself once again, seems really funny since I did this many many years ago on here.

I am a long term sufferer with CCH (right side) and Chronic migraine (Left side) diagnosed by Professor Goadsby at the institute of Neirology. I have not had an appointment though since 2006 as I live in Lancashire and was finding the travelling very expensive to and from London as well as tiring. I also trialled the O2 tests many years ago.

I manage my own meds at home with help from my wife, I am currently on Verapamil at present 720mg and O2 I also take Solpadol to sort out the Migraine.

I do not work even though I have tried unfortunately the employers do not take kindly to you reducing your hours and also taking time off with sleep depeivation.

I have just had my PIP letter after having the interview (ATOS) and and find that I am now having to ask them to look at my case again before I can appeal. Having been getting DLA for many years and the DWP recognising it as a Disability what has changed?







Tue, 15/12/2015 - 06:47
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Hello Ray,

What has changed is kind of everything!

Essentially PIP should be thought of as the disabilty benefit that has replaced DLA, but recognised as a different one based on different and specific criteria set out in new laws. However neither DLA nor PIP were/are awarded on the basis any condition is a disability; they were/are awarded if the impact on the claimant reaches the criteria.

Interestingly, for CCH the PIP criteria itself is more favourable than the DLA criteria. Having dug into a dozen PIP cases I am happy to shout from the rooftops that these cases show the difficulties CCH claimants are having with actually getting PIP is occurring because: the majority of interviews are being conducted by HPs that neither know nor care about CH and none of whom comply with the DWP requirement to familiarise themselves with the condition they are assessing; DWP case managers then blindly accept the HP report instead of following the DWPs own guidelines and rejecting HP reports that don't comply with these; and stunningly, neither the HPs or the DWP are following the PIP Regulations, but repeatedly apply a ficticious criteria........unfortunately I am not making this up, it is absolutely true and I have files of evidence!

The good news is that this means it can be challenged very robustly, the difficult bit is that because of the amount of utter nonsense that has been perpetrated combined with the usual inability of the world at large to comprehend CH, this is a huge and detailed task.

If you have not already done it, call the PIP helpline and request a copy of the HP advice report to the DWP. It is when you see that report that the peices of the puzzle fall into place.


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