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Newbie here! Help please

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#1 Fri, 25/06/2021 - 13:22
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Newbie here! Help please


Thank you for allowing me to be part of your group, I think I may need your help and wisdom going forward. I have been diagnosed with CH just three weeks ago after suffering and nearly going out of my mind for the last nine weeks. I guess from what I read many of you have been through my journey of GP phone calls, high end painkillers, my Dentist and finally a neurologist! My GP feels unsupportive to me, I’ve been having four attacks per day and thinks I can operate on two Sumatriptan nasal shots of 10mg per day and I’ve shed many tears trying to convince him otherwise but last week I won that small battle. My neurologist has prescribed steroids which I finally picked up yesterday. However my question to the floor please is...five days ago my attacks suddenly stopped! Well that was great and a huge relief as you know but I’m still left with a dull pain on and off around my eyebrow, nose and cheek, it’s not enough to use Sumatriptan but annoying nonetheless. From experience does this sound normal? Will it disappear or do I just live with it? Your thoughts would be gratefully appreciated.

Also I’ve read somewhere about food allergies and a link to CH, has anyone got any experience of this or trying to find out what food might be a culprit.

As I said it’s early days for me and I’ll take any help and guidance I can, thank you for reading my story

Dawn x


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