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new treatment

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#1 Thu, 29/05/2014 - 09:21
PeterW 4
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new treatment

i have been asked to try out this thing you press it to the back of your head cant rember the name of it its like a horse sheo has any one tried this ???? would be good to know if it works it stimulates  the nearve i think it was on a phone call from glasgow southern hospital well here ,s praying to god this will help as i dont think i can take much more of this i would rather be dead than live like this i have  been left sins october last year it like a pattren in my life i get help then they take it away not had my nerve block injectin sins october life,s been realy bad all my family suffer my missery and its not fare 

Thu, 29/05/2014 - 09:48
Colin Allen Vic...
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You must be talking about the Gammacore device. It's a non-invasive hand held stimulator which emits a measured amount of energy through the vagus nerve. We've had considerable success with it since it's inception. Enter 'gammacore' into the search engine (top right) to have a look at past posts on the subject. It does come with instructions,so read them carefully before use and take advice from an expert to get the best effect which,in this case,would be Catherine Gillies (specialist nurse) or Dt Alok Tyagi.

Colin Allen

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