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#1 Mon, 07/12/2015 - 18:12
Cath Willers
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New to Cluster Headaches

I have recently been diagnosed with cluster headaches after suffering a particularly hideous attack which saw me in hospital for 4 days. I've been prescribed Amitriptyline as a long term preventative (fingers crossed) and still have a bundle of Tramadol for the pain management while I wait for the Amitriptyline to take effect.

Has anyone else used Amitriptyline?

I am also finding that during a bout of headaches (I haven't had a pain free day for over 2 weeks now) I can "hear" my headache. I am affected on the left side of my head/face and I can hear my pulse in my left ear. It sounds like someone is snuffling in my ear.  Is this common amongst other sufferers?

Any and all advice or guidance is welcome!



Tue, 08/12/2015 - 00:48
darren h
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hi welcome to ouch, sorry to hear you got ch, ch it self is hard to predict, as our bouts and cycles can and do change for no reason, have a good read of the site and links, do you know if you are episodic or cronick? if not time will tell, im cch and yes i get noises in my ears when in a bout, sounds like rain tho, ch is a bad one to live with but not impossible, with the right meds and knowing triggers helps, triggers, sleep, alcohol,heat, certan lighting, strong smells solvents perfumes etc, some could be triggers for you, other members could advise you on meds, when you go thro ruff times your not alone we all suffer the same pain so will under stand, any questions just ask theres some good pepol here to help, all the best d


Wed, 09/12/2015 - 14:50
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Hi cath 

I was been prescribed amatryptaline as the last option in trying to stop my CCH , but for me I can't use them they give me a hangover/headache effect the following day of taking them which defeats the reason for taking them, I know you have to make sure you drink loads of water as they can cause bladder stones ....I think it's bladder, I know it's some type of stone but not sure which.

They have put me on propanolol but that don't work for me and I've been taking it for a year now 

I also get the noise in my ear, mine is tinitus plus the pulsing and the wooshing, I had mine checked out by ent, and was told nothing was found and diagnosed with 3 form tinitus, so if your worried get your gp to refer you too put you mind at ease.



Mon, 21/12/2015 - 09:48
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Hello Cath

Amitryptilline is way down the list of CH preventives and tramadol will do nothing at all for CH.  Take a look here: https://ouchuk.org/basics  This document is on the drop down menu under 'Cluster Headache on the OUCH website.  It will tell you what to ask for and how to get it and how to get an appointment with a headache specialist neurologist.  I too have had a pulse in my right ear since becoming a chronic sufferer 13 years ago and it feels to me as though I have a finger permanently stuffed in that ear!  I've come across other sufferers who have similar problems.  Of course it could just be coincidence, but who knows!


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