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New to CH, lots of questions....

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#1 Mon, 07/04/2014 - 11:47
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New to CH, lots of questions....

Hi Folks,


I am a newbie member of the CH gang, having only been diagnosed 4 weeks ago, I am still in my first bout so as yet it is unknown as to whether I am Chronic or Episodic! However, I am off to see the Neuro next week and am fighting for sumatriptan injections and Oxygen!

Aside from the medical side of things, which seem to be in hand if somewhat slow, I have many other questions, so brace yourselves....

1. How many of you are able to continue working? I am a Chemistry Teacher and since the onset of CH I have been unable to work. Attacks in the night make it impossible to function during the day ata level needed as a teacher.

2. I seem to have 2 regular headaches per day (20.30 and 03.30) and then perhaps four days a week I will get additional headaches. Is this normal?

3. I have heard that Alcohol can be a trigger...(scared me off the sauce for a month now!) but is this for every one or are there those of you who do not find alcohol a trigger?

4.The bouts appear, from what I have researched, to be determined by the suprachiasmatic nucleus and are triggered by daylight hours. Does this mean that we can predict when our next bout will occur?

5. How do you cope with the pain?

6. What do you do to protect your sanity?

7. How do I post phots on this site?


I know the last one is slightly off the general drive of the post, but I would like to know! Smile

Thanks in advance and anticipation for your responses!

I am glad to be here, thanks!



Mon, 07/04/2014 - 13:24
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Hi Chris,


I've had a look at your profile and you havent put a phone number on it. I can discuss all your questions by phone. if you email me at mike (at) ouchuk.org I'll call you. I can see you are local - I live in Herts too.



Chairman OUCH

Chairman OUCH UK

Wed, 09/04/2014 - 13:05
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Your attacks are as normal as anyone's.
I'd contact Mike; Don't get an offer like that every day. Wink

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