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Name Change

Hello members
The Helpline name is changing and will now be titled the Advice Line.
The service provided will remain the same high standard.
The reason for the change? It was felt that the title ‘Helpline’ created expectation we could deal with emergency situations and offer counselling, which our Advice Line volunteers are not trained for. We can offer advice and guidance on how to get a diagnosis, what treatments to ask for, how to get referrals to your GP, employment and benefits advice, but we are not health professionals, we cannot diagnose or prescribe or counsel those who are in desperate straits.
For those who are in a bad place with regard to their CH our advice is to see your GP, asking for referral to mental health services; or to contact the Samaritans who are aware of CH and what it means to be a sufferer and can offer the best advice on coping with the stress and pain of the disease.

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