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Multi Vits

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#1 Thu, 15/06/2017 - 18:56
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Multi Vits

Does any one else's headaches get worse when taking multivitamins? Mine do and they seem to last much longer.

Sun, 18/06/2017 - 16:35
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I've been "actively " suffering for 30yrs and make a note of food / drink / smells etc then take the same things in a "good" period in order to work out what the cause was.

Very often the culprit isn't what was suspected and frequently "weird"  e.g. I can eat McDonalds without the gherkin (dill is this culprit) but a small burger king sent me to such pain that I had to sit it out on the hard shoulder of the m6, for 2hrs (I was doing 70 when it hit... 20mins after eating and feeling "good")... culprit a minute amount of thyme seasoning and "char grill" stripes (all smokey and charred food)... my list of "reactives" is now several hundred items long and includes many, many seemingly innocent items.

I discovered long ago that I have a problem with vitamins... especially B vitamins, probably because they are yeast sourced.... likewise I have a problem with high yeast products (I love marmite but it tries to kill me)

More recently I was found to have almost zero levels of folic acid and vitamin D in my blood tests... 5 types of each vitamin and I still reacted to them.... I found a Folate made from lemon peel on an American site and can tolerate them.... also found a shitaki mushroom based vitamin D at Holland and Baratt that I can take.... both are pricey but cause me no major reaction (its folic acid and the vitamin D source that I react to in prescribed tablets / capsules)

I have a problem with most vitamins.... As a side effect, of whatever, I do not process vitamin C well... in a good healthy diet I developed Scurvy, noticed as necrotised (black) under my skin.. especially face (I thought it hard to shift dirt as I react violently to soap and detergent)... not a problem anymore as I take 500mg of vitamin C daily (more and I break out in spots and sores) and, apart from death, I cannot suffer much more effects of the deficiency as I have lost all my teeth from it.

Don't give in to it and try different formulations... you might have some of my "reactions" and multivits are the worst.... I found "vegan" and "yeast free" vitamins that work for me from Holland & Baratt and Amazon.

good luck



Tue, 20/06/2017 - 16:54
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Not something I've experienced. I recently added a multi-vit (VegVit by Vegetology), and an extra magnesium supplement as magnesium deficiency is frequently linked with TMJ/Jaw issues, and haven't found any change in my CH attacks. I have been taking them for around 5 weeks, so i guess early days. I should also mention, I have not been found to be deficient in anything, but with a number of health conditions, I wanted to make sure I 'covered my back' when I struggle to eat properly.

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