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Migraine World Summit March 2022

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Migraine World Summit March 2022

The Migraine World Summit is the largest patient event in the world for people living with migraine. Its goal is to provide migraine patients – who frequently have limited access to doctors who specialise in treating headache disorders – with world class education from leading experts, thus reducing the global burden of a disease which affects approximately 1 billion people globally.

This year the Migraine World Summit will be taking place between 16th and 24th March.  It offers 32 interviews with world-leading migraine experts, as well as four daily webinars covering the latest treatments, ongoing research and help with overall disease management.  The first talk of day 6 is dedicated to Cluster Headache. 

Register here:    https://migraineworldsummit.com

The below link includes some Cluster Headache related resources from the Migraine World Summit website:    https://migraineworldsummit.com/?s=cluster+headache


Anne (Trustee)

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