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Lens replacement Surgery( Cataract) Trigger for Cluster Headaches

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Lens replacement Surgery( Cataract) Trigger for Cluster Headaches

10yrs ago i had Lens replacement surgery in both eyes  within a few weeks i had trouble with my right eye so went back and had corrective lazer treatment to supposedly correct the problem, within a week or so i stated with Cluster Headaches and have had them since it was only the other day i came across this article of interest,  A potential cause of the onset of cluster headaches is cataract surgery, case reports indicate. This is because during cataract surgery, the cornea must be cut in order to remove the cloudy lens. The cutting of the cornea can then cause a trigeminal-autonomic reflex, which is a possible trigger for cluster headaches. 

This came as a massive shock to me and i would think to many others?  I am going to get in touch with my neurology nurse first thing monday morning,  Regards David

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