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Imigran tablets (I’m currently in Egypt)

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#1 Sat, 31/10/2020 - 13:16
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Imigran tablets (I’m currently in Egypt)

Hi there, I have done something really stupid and only packed one box of my imigran nasal sprays, and have used the last one.

im in Egypt at the moment and the pharmacy have said they cant get them, they may be able to get the injection (that would be ok, I'm sure I'll manage that) but they did h e them in tablet form but these are 50mg and my nasal is 10mg.

I know tablets won't work as fast but would they be ok to take if I can't get anything else, and would it still be only one tablet in a 24 hour period?


thank you for your help.


Sat, 31/10/2020 - 19:15
John S
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Hello Karl,

Whilst I can't advise what is right in your own circumstances i can let you know my own experience.

There is a lot of negativity around sumatriptan/Imigran tablets and that many say they are generally not suitable for CH. I think this is probably related to the speed of effectiveness. 

I am an epsidic sufferer and when I am at the peak of my bout I get CH during the night. When this happens I take half a 50mg tablet just before go go to bed and am generally pain free during the night. I never have more than two doses of sumatriptan/Imigran in any form in any 24 hour period.

I take the tablets with me on holiday as I do the injections. When I feel a CH coming on I generally take half a tablet and this leaves me pain free for 7 hours.  Generally in a 24 hour period I don't need more than the recommended two doses. 

Personally  I am disappointed by the general negativity associated with the suitability of the tablets and that they are generally not given much support on this site when they can help some sufferers particularly in certain situations. For example one tablet taken before a long flight will keep me pain free for the duration. The danger is of course given the opportunity doctors will switch to prescribing these as they are a low cost option when we know they are just one of many potential treatments for sufferers where everyone responds differently to treatments.

I hope this helps.



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