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How to treat Depression when taking Sumatriptan Injections

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#1 Wed, 26/01/2022 - 19:44
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How to treat Depression when taking Sumatriptan Injections

Hi all

Does anyone know which antidepressants can be use with sumatriptan ?

I've just statred to have CH attacks after at least a 2 year gap from Full Blown attacks.... and was due to strart on ssri. But concerned about the serotonin syndrome.

Does anyone have any knowledge ?



Fri, 04/02/2022 - 14:29
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Hello Roger, 

I'd suggest that you talk to your neuro, or headache nurse, or maybe a pharmacist to discuss this.  The contra-indications on sumatriptan are both MAOI's and SSRI's.  We can't really advise on which are best [if any] as we don't know your health history and we are not heallth professionals.  So it is the health professionals you need to speak to.  

Hope you get sorted out! 


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