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HALF MARATHON Harry Walker&Friends

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#1 Wed, 03/06/2020 - 20:01
Dorothy Trustee
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HALF MARATHON Harry Walker&Friends

In these difficult times when fundraising events seemed unlikely, we have had a ray of sunshine, right out of the blue. Harry Walker is a CH sufferer and wanted to do something to support our charity, so he and his friends decided to do a socially distanced half marathon. They realised they geographically lived in a circle, so one of his friends drew up a map and they all joined the map and ran it at the same time. Although his main aim was to raise awareness for the condition, Harry suggested raising a bit of money and hoped it could be for OUCH (UK) and the rest of the boys were happy to adopt our charity. They originally set out to raise £500 as they had a week in which to raise the money. Amazingly, they met that goal within 3 hours - and in the end they raised a stupendous amount of more than £2,500! What an incredible achievement. Well done to you all! We can't thank you boys enough and we would also like to extend massive thanks to all the very generous sponsors!

Dorothy (Trustee)

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