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Empathetic Experiences Initiative for Cluster Headache Awareness Day

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#1 Fri, 13/01/2017 - 10:23
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Empathetic Experiences Initiative for Cluster Headache Awareness Day

We often say that it is difficult for those without cluster headache, to understand not just the pain, but all of the physical and emotional difficulties of living with an invisible, life-long condition. OUCH(UK) strive to increase the understanding and empathy of all the people in the lives of our sufferers – from family and friends, to GPs and neurologists.

This year for Cluster Headache Awareness Day, OUCH(UK) would like you all to help us write a list of Empathetic Experiences. This is in conjunction with the European Headache Alliance. We will use the list to produce material aimed at educating people on the struggles faced by those with cluster headache, and to help others see the condition from a patient’s perspective.

An example of what we mean by an Empathetic Experience would be…

Go to bed, and set an alarm for every half an hour throughout the night. This would help someone to understand the frustration and sleep deprivation that cluster headache attacks can cause. 
Or, strap weights onto your arms and legs, and walk up and down your staircase. This would help someone to understand the physical exhaustion and fatigue after an attack.

Please give us some more ideas and help those who don’t know, to move into your world for a bit and see cluster headache from a patient’s perspective. Send your ideas to submissions@ouchuk.org. If you have any other ideas for Cluster Headache Awareness Day, please let us know.


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Fri, 13/01/2017 - 18:32
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Halve an onion.
Pound it into one eye for around an hour.
Repeat several times a day for up to two months.
Horrible isn't it?


Sat, 28/01/2017 - 18:06
Mr Git
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8 into 2 doesn't go.......

When in bout I suffer 8 attacks every 24 hours. I'm only able to administer a pain relieving injection for 2 dictating that every day 6 go untreated. 

To understand what this means take a power drill and drill into the right side of your head and into your right eye. Then, pour sulphuric acid into the open wounds. Repeat 6 times a day. Welcome to my world! Dash 1

When requested, my sympathetic employers have kindly gone out of their way to provide me with a private room where I can administer my injection in a clean, sterile, comfortable, private environment.......it's a urine infested toilet floor......my, we've come so far, what a wonderfully modern approach to embracing disability in the workplace!! Nea

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