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ECH and Life Insurance

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#1 Mon, 13/05/2019 - 15:25
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ECH and Life Insurance

Hello OUCHers

Has anyone else been declined or had life insurance premiums increased because they suffer from ECH?

OK i'm 56 years old and no spring chicken, but the only medical issue I have is ECH and I've been declined cover by LV.

If this is an issue I'd be grateful for the neames of any insurers who will or have insured ECH sufferers. 

I actually consider that as I get older my bouts are becoming shorter and medication is more effective, but it seems a difficult one for the insurers to get their heads around. 

Any ideas? i've just taken out a mortgage and lack of life cover puts my partner at a severe disadvantage if/when I go under the bus....

Cheers in advance.


Thu, 22/08/2019 - 22:36
DavidH 7
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Hmm.  I wonder if there's something else - possibly not obvious - in your life history that is making you seem a gamble (to an insurer)?  [That's a rhetorical question].  I've never heard/read anything to suggest ECH decreases your life expectancy (though I could imagine that CH generally increases risk of self-harm).


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