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dolby schrader connection

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#1 Thu, 21/12/2017 - 21:49
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dolby schrader connection

Hi, has anyone ever used the schrader connection on the dolby tanks for a demand valve, what was the flow like ect, thanks.

Wed, 27/12/2017 - 09:42
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I can only speak for Baywater portables with schrader connectors on for the push fit demand valve connection.  I wouldn't be without mine.   If the cylinder has a schrader connector, then you can use the demand valve on it.  Like the high flow regulators that are universally used in the standard 02 treatment, the scharder connector for the demand valve is the same across all the suppliers. The demand valve works, as it says, on demand , you inhale and the valve opens and release the oxygen at up to 200 litres a minute, but shuts off as soon as you exhale.  Therefore it is not blasting out all the time, the flow automatically adjusts to the correct flow for you as you inhale, making it much safer and much more efficient in use.  The ultra-high flow means that the attacks are usually aborted much quicker and as  most people use the mouthpiece fitting, are inhaling as near 100% oxygen as possible.  A 2000 litre static cylinder will last quite a while and a portable too.  

We hope that the demand valve will be offered by all the 02 companies in the very near future, it is available on the NHS to CH patients, but some companies are not yet supplying it.  We mounted a campaign asking members to write to the DOH, urging them to have the demand valve listed as one of the items the oxygen companies must include when they contract for NHS oxygen supply.  At present demand valve is not listed as something the have to supply, it is optional.  

Do hope the demand valve works for you and works well. 


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