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#1 Mon, 30/03/2015 - 16:59
Liz H
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Am just back from seeing Dr Weatherall @ Charing Cross. He said he'd like me to have a stay in hospital, 4-5 days, to try a series of injections, not Sumatriptan. Now I can't remember what he said, thought it was DBsomething but it could have been DHE. Does anyone know what this is? Has anyone had a stay at CC? Am in a bit of a state, really dont want to go and dont know what to expect. Am currently on 6-8 heads a day and taking Zolmitriptan, Topirimate and Oxygen. Feel i should be elated...but i'm not. 



Liz H

Wed, 01/04/2015 - 13:29
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Hi Lizzie,

I have not been in Charing Cross Hospital but I have had DHE in the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery. If this is DHE that they want you to have, there is a good chance you'll get some relief from this especially as you are have so many attacks a day. Of course there are no guarantees as what works for one does not necessarily work for another. But you have a chance of some relief.

DHE is given by infusion every 7 hours, you are given an anti sickness med a half hour before each infusion. I really hope you can get some relief soon. 

take care


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