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Confusing symptoms, possible link?

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#1 Sun, 27/02/2022 - 21:15
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Confusing symptoms, possible link?


Hello everyone. Hope you are all well, or at least coping well

I am an episodic CH Sufferer, diagnosed many years ago by my Neuro.

For the past year or so, I am getting what 'seems' to be CH directly after some cold type viruses. Is there a link?

Last bout was September 2021 - virus for a week or so, straight after, classic CH symptoms. I jump straight on Verap, symptoms fairly mild and low, used O2 once at the very start. 

Last week, mad virus again, and yesterday woke up with what was definietly a CH. 3 minutes in, and gone with O2. An hour later, another one, 1 min of O2 and its gone. Nothing since. Some very very very mild shadowing but thats it. 

I know verapimil takes a while to kick in, but generally speaking, there most likely will be no more 'attacks'. I honestly don't want to jump on the verap this time unless i have to. Obv comes with its own side effects. 

Any suggestions here? 

Is there a link, something perhaps to do with Sinus and CH? If it was any other headache, would have it responded to O2?


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