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Hi am new to the group I got  diagnosed by my   Neurologist Last jan since then my cluster have been really bad banging head on the wall  squeezing my head together oxygen is working I have had  different tablets at the min 200mg twice a day topermate was going ok until about a month ago then bang head  explode  Again can’t control them waiting had to stop working something I never thought I would do waiting to see  neurologist in Aug for a  emergency  appointment has I have another headache on top of these any  suggestions how I can keep these under control a little bit more before I go insane thanks very much Dave 

Wed, 11/07/2018 - 11:06
Dorothy Trustee
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Dave why don't you ring our helpline for a chat about treatment options. There may be treatments you haven't tried yet. Leave your name and a number giving permission for an advisor to contact you, they'll ring you back free of charge.

All the best


Dorothy (Trustee)

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