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Cluster Headaches / High Blood Pressure / Menopause (hormones)

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#1 Wed, 18/04/2018 - 09:46
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Cluster Headaches / High Blood Pressure / Menopause (hormones)

Background to CH journey: Since January 2018 started with pain attacks after referral to my Trigeminal Neurologist (previously suffered but in remission TN) in February she suspected (Cluster Headaches CH) and referred to another neurologist. 

I have an appointment at beginning May so not had condition CH or otherwise confirmed.  Started Sumatriptan injections after months of other medications which worked during attack.  Have an MRI scan booked for end April.

Currently been in remission for last 3 weeks from pain attacks.

Blood Pressure - Have been monitoring my blood pressure over last year or so which was borderline untill started pain attacks,  my GP perscribed Ramipril 2.5mg March 2018.

Menopause - started symptoms around 5 years ago, had coil and HRT tablets and on a review in February2018 they discovered my HRT tablets were wrong as getting too much Progestogen so put on a Oestrogen only HRT patches.

I follow CH and Menopause groups on facebook and they offer good advice, experiences, symptoms, etc.

Many menupause sufferes experience high blood pressure and headaches, some CH and just wondering if their is any correlation between each condition.

I would be interested to hear from other people who may have experienced similiar.

or any other advice appreciated.


Thu, 19/04/2018 - 10:25
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Not as far as we are aware.  Naturally during an attack of pain on any part of the body our heart rate and blood pressure are affected, usually settling after the pain has gone.   If there was a strong hormonal link, then the number of female sufferers would probably be much higher than the number of male sufferers; currently the ratio of male to female sufferers is approx 2[m]:1[f].

I have suffered CH since the age of 10, but was undiagnosed until I was in my 50's, by which time I had become a chronic sufferer.  I don't and have never had high blood pressure problems.  I went through the menopause in my mid forties and was not diagnosed until 5 years after my menopause.  So in my own experience there is no link between my BP and menopause.  


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