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Change in E/cluster headache attacks.

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#1 Sun, 29/06/2014 - 15:04
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Change in E/cluster headache attacks.

My clusters have always been 10/12 weeks episode. Then remission 10/12 weeks. Last summer it changed episode lasted 6months without one break and was dreadful ,just before Christmas it ended..then I had a period off 6 months pain free.magic..I thought just " maybe"I am going to get longer respite periods now as I just had my 80 th birthday mid May and have been sufferer since my early 50 ,s

Two weeks ago wakened  1am with what I can only describe as a very bad headache ,aborted with O2 ,  the pain is certainly not as severe and not one sided as my usual cluster attacks.   Has my e/ch changed to milder bout or another type associated with cluster? The past two nights have taken melatonin 3mg and a coffee before bed with a good result.!!



Sun, 29/06/2014 - 17:01
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Elma, there are no rules with CH. It does seem that as we get older our cycles do change. The pain free times can get longer and often the attacks seem to be less severe. All I can suggest is to be positive and assume (hope) your attacks are on the way out.

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