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Awaiting my hospital admission

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#1 Tue, 01/09/2015 - 02:40
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Awaiting my hospital admission

Just wondering if anyone has any good tips on how to deal with anxiety!  

I am in the process of waiting for a hospital bed to become available for an admission which was planned for the 24th August.  

When I had my outpatient appointment on the 10th August, my neuro was really keen to get me in for a lidocaine infusion and said he would ask for me to come in on 24th.

He has told me that he has been in contact with Dr Matharu as the lidocaine infusion hasn't been done at my hospital before for this reason, (SUNCT/CH) and I've been in contact with several other ouch members who've had the infusion (although I'm still very anxious and nervous about that as well).

Anyway, On the 24th, I called my neuro's secretary, then got passed to the admissions team, then bed manager and each time one of them would be out of the office and I'd have to leave a message and call back later.  I eventually got a call about 4:30 saying there's no bed available.  To cut a long story short, that basically happened every day last week.  

Anyway, here I am again having a crappy night full of frequent attacks and writing this in between them!  Really just hoping and praying first that this pain will go away and let me get at least some slep, and second that the hospital have organised everything so I could go in today.  Fingers crossed 

Tue, 01/09/2015 - 03:51
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Oh Tony, anxiety is so dreadful, and on top of coping with constant attacks just the pits. I am sure that it is very normal to be suffering the anxiety given the circumstances, but don't suppose that helps much! If there is anything more lonely than CH/SUNCT, anxiety might be it.

When I have had severe anxiety in the past I found learning to manage my breathing was helpful; When anxious all my breathing was taking place in the top of my lungs making me feel awful and becoming able to correct it and breath from my abdomen was very helpful. There might be some online videos/audio that talks you through the breathing that might at least pass the time a bit?

Thinking of you and praying.


Tue, 01/09/2015 - 17:24
darren h
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hi tony sorry to hear your being messd around again, ive bin waiting since may but got told im not urgent and would be seen late aug, now thats gone when i can get thro i try an find out whats goin on, i busy next two weeks but still will visit you after that for sure, so try not to worry to much an keep your chin up, things can an will only get better it just takes time, youve got frends here that realy under stand and care, that goes for all chers none of us are alone with ouch and its members, just reach out, d

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