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PIP Eligibility Criterea

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#1 Fri, 03/04/2015 - 13:31
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PIP Eligibility Criterea


I am currently working, but have had lots of absences due to what has finally been diagnosed as CH. I have just come out of a level 9 attack that kept me off work for 2 weeks before subsiding to levels 5-7  (occasionally level8) and I have been back at work trying to work through it.

I'm really struggling now and an option of reduced hours is on the table. However as a single income household, theres no way that I can do this without additional financial support. I think the CH is episodic and without the medication, I would spend most days at level 8. Looking back over the last couple of years I'm sure that I have relatively pain-free periods lasting a month or so.


My question is, can I qualify for PIP even though I'm currently managing to get up and dressed and out of the door 5 days a week, and have no help or support.


Thank you.



Sat, 11/04/2015 - 12:35
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Kitty, call John Perry at Neurosupport - an organisation that assists sufferers of all neurological diseases in areas such as benefits and employment.


0151 299 2999 and ask for John Perry, or e-mail john@neurosupport.org.uk


Good luck.


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